Wards Carpets Ltd : Installation by our own proffessional fitters

We want your purchase experience to be a good as you do. We want the fitting process to go as smoothly as possible with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience and for you to be delighted with your choice of carpet and supplying retailer.


It pays to be prepared. Old carpets are heavy and can be dusty when removed from the floor so a well ventilated room is advisable and it is wise to vacuum the carpet one last time before you begin. You may need help to remove the carpet as it, and the old underlay, will be heavy. Finally vacuum the floor to remove any remaining dust or dirt.


Ventilating the room during installation will help to remove some of the materials involved in carpet and flooring installation which could have an adverse effect on air quality. Open all windows and doors whenever possible and also whenever convenient during the following days.

Installing carpet and flooring is a difficult job. It is imperative that all ornaments such as vases, lamps etc should be removed. Electrical items such as TV's and computers should be removed from the area. This helps to limit any possible creases in the floorcovering nd help prevent damage to decoration.

In kitchens and utility rooms please disconnect all appliances and where practical remove them from the area.

If removal of old flooring or moving of furniture or appliances presents a problem please inform us prior to the installation date as this work can often be arranged at additional cost.

Sometimes the pile height of a new carpet may be higher than your old one. Doors may not open as freely and should be planed on the bottom. Our fitters may need to remove doors to complete the fitting. Adjustment of the doors can sometimes be arranged at extra cost.

There are some occasions when seams are unavoidable, however the modern methods now available ensure these are not detrimental to the performance or appearance of the carpet. It must be pointed out that seams are never invisible and our fitters will endeavour to position them where foot traffic is lightest. We are happy to discuss positions of seams and any other aspects prior to installation.

Our fitters are able to provide the most professional services possible. If you have any queries that the fitter cannot answer please phone us.


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